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Before the JUMP:

  1. You are only allowed to enter the trampoline areas with empty pockets.

  2. Objects that could harm you, other jumpers or the equipment (e.g. jewelry, watches, cell phones, belts, caps or hats) are prohibited.

  3. Make sure your mouth is empty (e.g. no chewing gum).

  4. We recommend that those who wear glasses take off their glasses.

  5. You  You are only allowed to enter the trampoline areas with non-slip socks that you can wear barefoot  have attracted.

  6. Drinks or food are prohibited on the trampolines and on the access platforms.

  7. If you suffer from health restrictions such as a slipped disc, asthma or heart problems, etc., consult a doctor beforehand. Pregnant women should also seek advice from a doctor in advance about the risk of jumping on a trampoline.

  8. Jumping under the influence  alcohol or drugs is expressly forbidden!

  9. The maximum weight for using the trampoline facilities is 120 kg.

During the JUMP:

  1. Only one person is allowed per trampoline.

  2. Only do somersaults if you are familiar with them.

  3. It is not allowed to do somersaults over the covers or from trampoline to trampoline.

  4. Running, pushing and racing is not allowed.

  5. Only jump near people of similar size.

  6. Never climb the sloping trampoline walls.

  7. Do not intentionally jump into the nets.

  8. Do not sit or rest on the covers and trampolines. Please leave the trampoline areas to relax.  

General information:

  1. You must follow the instructions of the staff immediately.

  2. Please inform the staff immediately if you discover an accident or damage.

  3. Remember: you basically jump at your own risk! Know your limits and don't exceed them.

  4. Treat other Jumpers responsibly and respectfully.

  5. Be sure to observe the additional rules for the individual areas.

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